Fun February events

Fun February events

Celebrate these with someone you love—or someone you wish to annoy.

OK, so some of these holidays are pretty basic. You already know about Chinese New Year, and lots of people flock to IHOP for free pancakes on National Pancake Day. But did you know about Read in the Bathtub Day, Laugh and Get Rich Day, or World Sword Swallower’s Day? Check out these holidays and more over at Mental Floss.

For the very best of daily holidays and events, you absolutely must check out Carschooling. It’s a really fun website filled with oodles of ideas for homeschooling, or simply learning, from the car or while traveling. The real goodies, however, are in the monthly e-mails of historical dates, so be sure to sign up for those.

They have links to activities, videos, virtual field trips and more! My daughter and I have loved going on these “virtual field trips,” especially to the ancient paintings at Lascaux, which are closed for live public viewing anyway—making our “tour” just as realistic as anyone else’s visiting France.

And finally, you can rattle off your historical knowledge and irritate coworkers and family members alike by visiting all kinds of This Day in History websites, like, InfoPlease, On-This-Day, and any other historical hubs that you know well and enjoy.