Feminazi meme is stupid but popular

Feminazi meme is stupid but popular

And that is completely unsurprising in this misogynistic world.

Have you seen this incredibly messed up “feminazi” meme going around? I’m not giving it credit with a link, so I’ll just link to the Jezebel post about it. It’s a bunch of photos of a woman being a “feminazi,” complaining about men and this misogynistic world, then being negated by some inane commentary (often very poorly worded) to show that bros are like, so onto us ladies! Cuz you know we have it sooo much better.

They pick the stupidest things to whine about, too. The fact that there are gyms for women-only is one of their complaints. I suppose they don’t stop to think about how THEY are the reason why we need such gyms—not just WANT them to avoid being hit on or ogled or made uncomfortable, but NEED them to actually feel safe working out. One in three women will be sexually assaulted in her life; having a place to be safe while not fully clothed and moving our bodies is important to us. Besides, we’re raised in a rape culture that puts US to blame if we get raped, so we sure as hell better stick to working out with just the ladies.The same thing goes for ladies’ night at the bar, which I also hear men complain about. You know why they do that, guys? It’s to get US to get to the bar in the first place, which is why YOU go in the first place. We don’t want to go if we know we’re going to get our asses pinched and our breasts grabbed and generally be leered at by a bunch of drunken jerkwads.

Hell, once my friend and I were pulled over on the way to the club and ogled by two cops. They didn’t say a word about why we were pulled over; they just checked us out with their flashlights. I was terrified we were going to get hurt and no one would ever believe us since they were cops. Ever have that happen to you, fellas? So yeah, a free drink or no cover charge sweetens the pot for us to leave the house.

They also complain about women not wanting to serve on the frontlines while on active duty. Guess what? That’s a male political decision, not a female one. Most of my military female friends actually do want to serve. They are not allowed to.

I know most men don’t feel this way about women, but this kind of mentality sure as hell doesn’t help—and if you hate us so damn much, how about you boycott sleeping with us for a while to teach us a lesson? That’ll show us, won’t it!